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CIPTASATRIA Webinar Series

Our commitment in delivering the most recent and updated technology has been there since forever.

In part of it, we are now making a break through initiative by conducting Webinar Series for our customers in order to share the latest Design & Engineering technology from Autodesk as our technology provider.

This Webinar will covers detail technical features of each software and some of real life cases and best practices.

We strongly suggest for every Designers and Engineers who work in the industry and willing to upgrade their skills and knowledge to become professional in their field to follow our Webinar Series, for it doesn’t only will benefited to your company, but will also makes you stand out among your colleagues.

CIPTASATRIA Webinar Schedule

This Webinar topics will be divided into series and might take maximum of 3 series for each topic. Our Webinar series are categorised into two:

  1. AEC Webinar – Every Wednesday at 11 AM
  2. MFG Webinar – Every Wednesday at 3 PM

You can have a full schedule of our Webinar Series after you register and fill up all the required information in the form, and soon after you will receive a Confirmation Letter from our team containing Webinar schedules for all topics and the link to the Webinar.


Register NOW! by filling the form below and become one of those Pro!

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15 discussions

  1. thank you Mr Tiono

    don’t forget to register and take part in the webminar. see you in the webminar.

    Have A Nice Day

      • Selamat siang,
        Webinar kami secara rutin diadakan setiap hari Rabu dengan topik yang berbeda-beda. Untuk mengetahui topik Webinar apa setiap minggunya silakan follow social media account kami di IG & FB.
        FYI, kami juga mengadakan Hands-on Workshop setiap hari Jumat, dengan topik yang biasanya adalah lanjutan dari Webinar di hari Rabu dengan bahasan yang lebih teknis.

    • Terima kasih atas apresiasinya. Silakan ikuti socmed kami juga di FB & IG agar tidak ketinggalan jadwal2 webinar (setiap hari Rabu) dan hands-on workshop (setiap hari Jumat). Untuk peserta workshop kami menyiapkan Certificate of Attendance resmi dari Autodesk lho =)

    • Terima kasih atas apresiasinya. Apabila dirasakan ada manfaatnya, mohon bantuannya untuk menyebarkan informasi mengenai webinar kami ini kepada rekan kerja dan teman-teman ya. Kami akan senang sekali apabila event-event kami bermanfaat untuk banyak orang =)

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